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RMRD SA Awards Top Scientists

At a prestigious ceremony held on the 24th October 2017 awards were handed to our to winners in 4 categories, as listed below. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS Category “Young Researcher” – Ms Motshabi Mokolobate Category ” Outstanding Contribution” – Prof Michiel Scholtz Category “Veteran Researcher” – Prof Gareth Bath Category ” Research Project” – Ms […]

NSPCA Victory – High Court upholds judgement

“Disclosure of complaints made to the Respondent (the National Council of SPCAs) or local SPCAs could reasonably be expected to prejudice the future supply of similar information from persons wishing to remain anonymous and that it is in the public interest that similar information continue to be supplied so as to further the Respondent’s statutory […]

Droughts and Livestock (Approved 19 Feb 2016)

Droughts are a seasonal occurrence in our Region and are predicted to become more intense in Southern Africa. The years when droughts are likely to occur are not really predictable far in advance. Livestock farmers should factor into their management plan in advance appropriate action/s they plan to institute in the event of a drought. […]

Marcelle Meredith receives 2016 LWCC Award

Ms Meredith is the current CEO of NSPCA, and has dedicated her life to the advancement of animal welfare.  In recognition of her exceptional services to livestock welfare over decades she was acclaimed as the 2016 award recipient. Past recipients have been: Hym Ebedes (SAVA) Celeste Houseman (NSPCA) Michael Levien (LAWA) Osie Oosthuizen (Stock Protection […]

Effects of the drought will continue

Everyone is hoping that the coming summer will have a normal, average rainfall – but the effects of the last savage drought will remain with us for several seasons. Animal numbers are down and there are therefore less surplus animals to be sold, with lower incomes for farmers. Breeding cows and ewes have or should […]

Seasonal challenges for sheep health and welfare

Seasonal challenges for sheep health and welfare Every season and livestock farming activity brings opportunities, but also threats. Some of these are quite predictable and thus farmers can take the right precautions and make preparations to minimise their effects, but other events are not foreseeable with any degree of certainty. Even with these, there should […]