Taking proactive actions to ensure humane and responsible handling of production livestock.

What do we do?

The Livestock Welfare Coordinating Committee (LWCC)  stands for humane livestock production and has been in existence since 1978. The LWCC has a voluntary industry membership where it had originally functioned as a Committee of the now disbanded Meat Board. In its present form the LWCC is funded by the Red Meat Industry from statutory levy income as well as from other commodity contributions.

The main objective of the LWCC is to take  proactive actions to ensure humane and responsible handling of production livestock. While not an animal rights organisation  the LWCC promotes welfare of livestock by participating in the drafting of informative material for all farmers , livestock transporters , abattoirs, sale yards, vending site and show-ground operators.  The LWCC encourages practical humane research projects, observations, and desk research.

The LWCC also advises Government on  related livestock welfare policy matters. A series of Livestock Codes are either already in existence or in the process of being  compiled for the benefit of the relevant industries. Neither the LWCC itself  nor its members are aligned to political or religious orientated groupings.

Download the LWCC Constitution HERE ….