Unregistered “remedies” that are advocated by unqualified people like farmers and other laypersons are illegal, and may be either useless or dangerous as well. “Recipes” can be found on many websites and chatrooms but are without any scientific basis. Both the supplier and user of this “advice” are liable to prosecution for transgressing Act 36 of1947 or Act 62 of 1962. Some of the “prescriptions” are downright barbaric, like injecting carbolic acid (Jeyes Fluid), or applying petrol or diesel to wound, or putting copper sulphate into eyes. Farmers should ask: “Would I apply this to myself, or my family?” Remedies that work and are safe for humans are usually also suitable for livestock, although in different formulation and prices.
However this “extra-label” use is not legal in the hands of farmers. Making up safe and effective drug formulations is a task for experts and subject to vigorous testing. Home-made  formulations by a “farmer-cologist” are risky, dangerous and illegal. Use only registered products.